Sunday, September 28, 2008

Updating some more

There is so much going on right now that I don't have as much time to keep up with my writing as much as I want to. Scott and I will be moving at the end of December and I have already started packing up the house. I've been donating stuff, consigning stuff, selling on eBay and throwing stuff out. I prefer to recycle everything I can but sometimes it's just too hard to find a home for something.

I was cast in "Life With Father" at The American Century Theater. I have a small role so not as many rehearsals and I get paid too. When I get more information on it I will post and send emails. We open in November towards the end.

My life: Last I left off was about motorcycle runs. The one vacation that I took by myself was to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I left my partner Ron at home. It was an all gay flight and vacation package from California to Louisiana. I had Ron drop me off at the airport where the travel company had set up a large lounge for the pre-flight meet, greet and drink. It was an open bar and I took advantage of it. The last thing I remember was falling down the ramp to get on the plane. I don't know how I got to my seat but when I did wake up we were more than half way there.

I had to go to the bathroom and I went to the back of the plane and stood outside one of the restroom doors. It suddenly opened and a man pulled me into the small compartment and ... - I became an official member of the mile high club.

In order to make the trip more affordable at the time, I hooked up with another guy who was to room with me. We had met only once before the trip. He also was doing the separate vacation thing away from his partner. I thought his partner was much hotter than him and wished he were going instead. Come to find out he had actually been a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune.

Anyway, we got to our room and we did did become friends rather quickly. Yes, we has sex too. Just once though. The rest of the week was filled with debauchery and sex. Drinking and drugs, darkness and light. I met Richard Locke who was a famous gay porn star (and my idol at the time). I partied like there was no tomorrow.

At one point my roommate had opened the window of the hotel room and started throwing money into the streets. He caused quite a riot and was almost arrested for public disorder.

I remember the buttons and the beads. "Show your tits", 'Show your dick", "Show your ass". Beads would be thrown to those who flashed. One guy gave me beads because he thought I was the most gorgeous man in the world. LOL The trip lasted a week but I was burned out after 4 days. It didn't stop my partying and I paid for it once it was all over.

When I got home from the trip, Ron picked me up from the airport and he wasn't happy! I could tell he hated having to stay home but he got over it in the end. That was one vacation that I will never forget and will never do again. Mardi Gras - Once in a lifetime is enough!!!!

Life was good. Then "The Southern California Gas Company" started going through some changes. My job was in jeopardy and I had to make some changes...

Peace and Love,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 Weeks, you say?

Yes, it has been two weeks since my last entry. Scott and I had a yard sale, bought a house in Gainesville and haven't had much time for anything else. Read his blog for more information.

I will do a quick story about my past for now. That's about all the time I have at the moment.

My Life: California in the 80's was a hell of a place to live. I started going on Motorcycle Runs with my partner at the time. A motorcycle run is where a bunch of gay men go camping in the deep woods. They would charge an amount per person and rent the area. With each ticket we would get 3 meals a day and an open bar from about 7AM until 2AM he next morning. There were contests done with the bikes and their riders, dances, sports and of course all the sex you could have. The runs lasted 3 days and 2 nights and that was plenty of time to wear oneself out.

I went on about 4 or 5 of these when I lived there. One of them was themed: Christmas in July in August and I won the best camp site award. I decorated my tent with Christmas lights and decorations. With open bars I spent most of my time drinking, having sex and dancing. At one of the dances a tall handsome man picked me up and hugged me and cracked a rib of mine. I didn't feel much until the booze wore off.

Once, my partner Ron, got up and sang for the crowd and I found out he had a beautiful voice. One guy recorded it and wouldn't give me the tape. He wouldn't even sell it to me. That was the last time I ever heard him sing.

I was quite popular at these runs because of my age. Still in my 20 somethings most of the men were over 35. Just my type. And I theirs. Decadence at it's finest in the 1980's. I could go into some details but I don't think most of the readers want to hear that stuff.

That's all I have time for now. Mardi Gras came next...

Peace & Love